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In order to see the PopGenIE team page, you will require the latest version of Flash (v11). Please follow the link below to continue. If you continue to have trouble contact the system administrator.PopGenIE team members,Stefan Jansson,Nathaniel Street,Torgeir R. Hvidsten,Simon Birve,Sergiu Netotea,David Sundell,Andreas Sj�din,Nicolas Delhomme,Chanaka Mannapperuma

Stefan Jansson Professor
Nathaniel Street Lead PI
Torgeir R. Hvidsten Guest lecturer
Simon Birve Web Developer
Bastian Schiffthaler Phd Student
David Sundell Phd Student
Andreas Sjödin Researcher
Nicolas Delhomme PostDoc
Chanaka Mannapperuma Reasearch Engineer
I would like to get involved with PopGenIE.  


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