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@article {1241,
	title = {In silico identification and characterization of N-Terminal acetyltransferase genes of poplar (Populus trichocarpa).},
	journal = {International journal of molecular sciences},
	volume = {15},
	year = {2014},
	month = {2014},
	pages = {1852-64},
	abstract = {N-terminal acetyltransferase (Nats) complex is responsible for protein N-terminal acetylation (Nα-acetylation), which is one of the most common covalent modifications of eukaryotic proteins. Although genome-wide investigation and characterization of Nat catalytic subunits (CS) and auxiliary subunits (AS) have been conducted in yeast and humans they remain unexplored in plants. Here we report on the identification of eleven genes encoding eleven putative Nat CS polypeptides, and five genes encoding five putative Nat AS polypeptides in Populus. We document that the expansion of Nat CS genes occurs as duplicated blocks distributed across 10 of the 19 poplar chromosomes, likely only as a result of segmental duplication events. Based on phylogenetic analysis, poplar Nat CS were assigned to six subgroups, which corresponded well to the Nat CS types (CS of Nat A-F), being consistent with previous reports in humans and yeast. In silico analysis of microarray data showed that in the process of normal development of the poplar, their Nat CS and AS genes are commonly expressed at one relatively low level but share distinct tissue-specific expression patterns. This exhaustive survey of Nat genes in poplar provides important information to assist future studies on their functional role in poplar.},
	issn = {1422-0067},
	doi = {10.3390/ijms15021852},
	author = {Zhu, Hang-Yong and Li, Chun-Ming and Wang, Li-Feng and Bai, Hui and Li, Yan-Ping and Yu, Wen-Xi and Xia, De-An and Liu, Chang-Cai}
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